Does lack of capital restrict your company’s growth?

You have a clear direction. Your company is on a growth track, and you want to implement your carefully considered and profitable growth plan. Finnvera can participate in the financing of your company together with your bank. We supplement the financing arranged by the bank by granting loans and guarantees that can be used as security for a bank loan.

Financial planning for a growing company

For a growth company, advance financial planning is also a tool for assessing risks. When risks are measurable, they can also be managed better.

Applying for financing for growth

It's often most convenient for a growth company to apply for financing from a bank. However, if you are seeking a loan from a bank but do not have the collateral required by the bank, an SME Guarantee provided by Finnvera may be the solution.


Finnvera charges interest on its lending (reference rate + margin) and a guarantee fee for its guarantees. In addition, Finnvera also charges a service fee for each loan.

Loan repayment

Loan repayment is in accordance with the repayment plan laid down in the agreement.


Growth Loan

Finnvera can grant Growth Loans to SMEs and midcap companies for the financing of major growth or internationalisation projects and corporate restructuring.

Finnvera Loan

The Finnvera Loan (Investment and Working Capital Loan) is intended for small and medium-sized companies. It can be used to finance domestic construction, machinery and equipment investments, energy and environment projects, working capital needs, and various ownership arrangements. NB! First, negotiate financing with your bank. Currently, Finnvera can only grant the Finnvera loan as part of the agreed overall financing together with other providers of financing.