The most important criterion for our loans is that they fall in the right place and purpose within your company's lifecycle: When setting up a company, investing, or focusing on growth, internationalisation or exports.

The need determines the financing solution

Finnvera's primary form of financing is a guarantee, but companies can also apply for a loan directly from Finnvera. We only grant loans as part of the company's agreed overall financing, so please always negotiate your financing project with your bank first.

Entrepreneur Loan

Entrepreneur's personal loan

  • The Entrepreneur Loan may be used for acquiring shares in a public limited company or making an investment in the share capital.
  • The loan can be granted to several shareholders in the same enterprise.
  • The minimum amount of the loan is EUR 20,000.

Finnvera Loan

Investment and Working Capital Loan

  • At present, the Finnvera loan can only be granted as part of an agreed total financing together with other financiers. 
  • The loan is intended for small and medium-sized companies and can be used to finance domestic construction, machinery and equipment investments, energy and environment projects, working capital needs, and various ownership arrangements. 
  • The minimum amount of the Finnvera Loan is EUR 50,000.

Growth Loan

Debt-based mezzanine financing product

  • To SMEs and midcap companies for the financing of major growth or internationalisation projects and corporate restructuring.
  • For the financing of business arrangements.
  • The minimum amount of the Growth Loan is generally EUR 500,000.

Climate and Environmental Loan

Loan for investments in the green and sustainable transition

  • The loan is intended for promoting the green and sustainable transition of Finnish companies.
  • For companies that promote, for example, the use of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, the use of sustainable materials, or the transition to a circular economy.
  • The loan amount is EUR 150,000–2,000,000 per financing project.

Digitalisation and Innovation Loan

Loan for innovation and digitalisation investments

  • The loan is intended for the innovation and digitalisation investments of Finnish companies.
  • For start-ups and companies in operation whose funding needs focus on product development or digitalisation of business models.
  • The loan amount is EUR 150,000–2,000,000 per financing project.

Internationalisation Loan

For financing the business operations abroad

  • The loan is intended for financing a Finnish SME’s operations abroad.
  • The financing may target, for instance, investments, development or financing for growth for a Finnish SME’s subsidiary, associated company or branch office that has been, or is planned to be, established abroad.
  • With certain limitations financing can also be granted for larger companies.

Bond financing

For companies' general financing needs

  • The bond financing is intended for the investments, expansion and development of operations and the organisation of the financing structure.
  • A group of lenders or investors marks a bond issued by a company in need of a loan. 
  • Best-suited for large financing needs.

Bridge financing

For the period preceding the payment of grants

  • Finnvera's financing that is used to compensate for a company's financing needs between a positive grant decision and the payment of the grant.
  • The minimum amount for the loan is EUR 50,000.
  • Bridge financing is carried out through Finnvera's working capital loan.

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Your company can use our guarantees as security for credits received from banks and other providers of financing, as well as for other contingent liabilities.


Finnvera charges interest on its lending and a guarantee fee for its guarantees. The Service Price List shows the most common charges, fees and other charges to be charged.