Acquisition or generation change

As the company is transferred from one owner to another, the seller and the buyer start a new chapter in their lives: the seller sees their operations continued, and the investment in the future offers the buyer a vibrant growth platform.

Begin a new chapter - New life for the company with a change of ownership

Are you thinking about selling a company? Are you thinking about buying a company? Transfers of ownership and corporate arrangements are also excellent ways for companies to grow. This page provides information on the change of ownership of the company.

Financing the change of ownership

In company reorganisations, financing is usually needed for paying the sales price, for investments or for working capital. We also offer funding for corporate ownership arrangements, such as corporate acquisition and generational change.

Buying a company or business

A company acquisition may be carried out as a business acquisition or as an acquisition of shares. Read more about the implementation of the acquisition.

Checklist for a company acquisition

See tips for preparing for a successful acquisition.

Suitable financing solutions

Finnvera Guarantee

Finnvera Guarantee is intended for SMEs as security for domestic financing in such areas as investments, working capital and business and company acquisitions.

Entrepreneur Loan

An Entrepreneur Loan is a personal loan granted to an entrepreneur. It may be used, for example, for acquiring shares in a public limited company or making an investment in the share capital.

SME Guarantee

Does your company want growth and does it need financing for domestic investments, working capital or product development, but have not enough collateral? Finnvera's SME Guarantee can be a solution for access to funding.

Growth Loan

Finnvera can grant Growth Loans to SMEs and midcap companies for the financing of major growth or internationalisation projects and corporate restructuring.

Finnvera Loan

The Finnvera Loan is intended for SMEs to finance domestic construction, machinery and equipment investments, energy and environmental projects, working capital needs and various ownership arrangements.