When your company lacks the collateral required by the financier, Finnvera's partial guarantee can be the solution for financing your business.

We guarantee that your business will develop and continue

Your company may use the guarantees we provide as collateral for credit and other liability commitments received from banks or other financiers. Finnvera complements the financial markets and does not compete as a financing provider with other financiers, but shares the risk inherent in the financing. The State of Finland is responsible for the guarantees granted by Finnvera. Check out our guarantee products below.


Start Guarantee

  • Finnvera’s Start Guarantee helps new SMEs to obtain bank financing for various investment and working capital needs.
  • Your bank files an application on your behalf.

SME Guarantee

  • Finnvera’s SME Guarantee makes it easier for SMEs to get a bank loan for investment, working capital or product development needs and for a business acquisition.
  • Your bank files an application on your behalf.

Finnvera Guarantee

  • The Finnvera Guarantee is intended for use as guarantee various domestic financing needs of SMEs, such as investments, working capital and financing required by business or enterprise acquisitions.
  • It is a suitable option for SMEs and, on special grounds, for large corporations, too.

Internationalisation Guarantee

  • The Internationalisation Guarantee is intended to serve as collateral for financing the business operations of a Finnish SME abroad.
  • The Internationalisation Guarantee may amount to a maximum of 80 per cent of the amount of credit or other financing commitment.

Export Guarantee

  • By means of an Export Guarantee, an exporter can acquire pre-delivery or post-delivery financing for working capital from a bank. 
  • An Export Guarantee can also serve as countersecurity for a bank when a bond is given in favour of a foreign buyer (a bid bond, an advance payment bond, a performance bond or a warranty period bond).

Ship Guarantee

  • The Ship Guarantee is intended as security for credits granted to Finnish companies engaged in shipping or shipbuilding.

Environmental Guarantee

  • Environmental Guarantees can be granted as security for credits that are used for environmental protection investments, renewable energy projects or projects improving energy efficiency.

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