Include Finnvera’s Export Credit in your toolbox

You are looking to buy new machinery and weighing your options. If an option included a financing offer, would that affect your purchase decision? Our renewed Export Credit benefits both the export and the buyer. By utilising export credit, Finnish exporter can offer long-term financing to foreign buyers on OECD-terms.

Ahead together

Finnvera finances various stages of business with loans, guarantees and export credit guarantees. We provide diverse and complementary solutions to assist Finnish companies and entrepreneurs in their turning points in collaboration with banks, private financing providers and the Team Finland network.

Finnvera's Half-year Report published

Our Half-Year Report for January-June 2023 has been published. Finnvera's domestic and export financing volumes are high and the Group's result was EUR 148 million.

Finnvera secures Finnish exports

Finnvera seeks to safeguard the competitiveness of Finnish enterprises in export markets by offering them export and project financing at rates comparable to those offered by our main commercial rivals to their export companies.

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