Country classification

We closely follow world events that may have an impact on your business and export risks. Check the guarantees offered for different countries on our map application.

Country classification and map

Use the map and search to seek information about Finnvera's country classification and country policy.

When no specific conditions for risk-taking are mentioned, Finnvera may consider corporate or project risk cover in medium-term and long-term guarantees, and short-term guarantees may be granted on open account or promissory note/acceptance credit terms.


Credit period

ST (short term)

  • Maximum repayment period at most two years

MT/LT (medium/long term)

  • Repayment period over two years

Update in progress

The land classification map is currently being updated.

For regional questions, please contact Finnveras senior advisers:

Outi Homanen, tel. +358 29 460 2722

  • Southern Africa
  • Central and West Africa
  • Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Jere Nieminen, +358 29 460 2936

  • South Asia (including India)
  • Middle East
  • North Africa

Mika Relander, tel. +358 29 460 2725

  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • North America
  • East Asia (including China)
  • East Africa (including Kenya and Tanzania)

Liisa Tolvanen, tel. +358 29 460 2728

  • Europe (including Turkey)
  • Central Asia (including Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan)
  • Caucasus (including Azerbaijan)
  • Southeast Asia (including Indonesia)
  • Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand)