Export and Ship Credits and Interest Equalisation

Export credits contribute to the competitiveness of Finnish exporters on the international market.

To Who?

Export credit financing facilitates the arrangement of financing for foreign buyers who purchase capital goods and related services from Finland.

Officially supported export credits can be used to finance the export of capital goods and related consulting and planning services, when the export benefits the Finnish economy and the Finnish interest is fulfilled.

Our solutions are

  • fixed or floating interest rate Export and Ship Credits and their financing
  • Interest Equalisation for fixed interest rate credits

Finnish Export Credit Ltd (FEC) can itself grant smaller export credits, with a maximum value of EUR 20 million. In the financing of larger export credits, FEC cooperates with financial institutions. FEC has signed co-operation agreements with a number of financial institutions.


Financing of export credits can be either fixed interest rates (CIRR rate quoted monthly by the OECD) or floating interest rates. In addition to these, a margin is added to the price.

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