Cash for export receivables

On this page you will find information on ways to get cash from your export receivables. Use Export Receivables Guarantee, Buyer Credit Guarantee or Bill of Exchange.

A common case: your company wants cash, your customer a longer payment period

When you insure your export transaction with an Export Receivables Guarantee, you can sell your receivables to a financing company and get some of the purchase price in cash. Our Buyer Credit Guarantee, in turn, reduces your bank’s risk. When your customer gives an accepted bill of exchange, your bank can buy it and you get cash.

Country classification

We closely follow world events that may have an impact on your business and export risks. Use the map application on this page to find information about Finnvera's country classification and country policy.


Finnvera's online service provides a secure and easy way for submitting financing applications.


Receivables Purchase Guarantee

The guarantee protects the bank against credit risks when the bank purchases invoice receivables from the exporter in connection with foreign trade.

Credit Risk Guarantee

A Credit Risk Guarantee insures the guarantee holder against credit loss related to an export transaction.