Electronic invoicing speeds up the invoicing process, increases effectiveness and brings benefits to both parties. On this page you will find instructions to invoicing.

Invoices from Finnvera

You can receive invoice from Finnvera as corporate electronic invoice, e-invoice to online bank or as paper invoices.

  • You can order the e-invoice through your online bank based on customer number. Customer number is located at the top right corner of the new Finnvera invoice. Please notice that financial number or decision number is not valid reference to order an e-invoice. 
  • You will receive e-invoices automatically for your company if your EDI-ID (OVT-identifier) address is up to date in the TIEKE ( register. If your company has an IBAN- or TE-identifier or secret e-invoicing address or your company uses several e-invoicing address qualifiers, you may notify us of the address in current use by sending us a message in our online service.
  • For paper invoicing, please inform us of your up-to-date address in our online service.

Finnvera's paper invoices are distributed by Posti Oy and Jakeluyhtiö Suomi Oy.

  • You will identify a letter distributed by Posti as follows: corporate letters delivered by Posti have the Posti Oy and PRIORITY, ECONOMY or POSTI GREEN markings, and the envelope window shows a bar code.
  • You will identify a letter distributed by Jakeluyhtiö Suomi as follows: the letters have a QR code and the regional distribution company's 3–5-character identifier.

If you have received a letter not intended to you from Finnvera:

  • If the letter has been delivered by Posti, you can write “delivered to a wrong address” on the envelope and return it to the nearest Posti mailbox.
  • If Jakeluyhtiö Suomi (JYS) distributed the letter, contact JYS customer service to receive a return envelope, in which you can send the letter back to JYS free of charge. For instructions on getting a return envelope, see the Jakeluyhtiö Suomi website.

For more information, see Q&A about invoicing and our news items on the topic.

Contact information

Finnvera’s corporate electronic invoicing address

E-invoicing address/EDI ID 003714843324
OpusCapita Solutions Oy operator code E204503
Business ID 1484332-4
VAT ID FI14843324

Postal address for paper invoicing

Finnvera Plc
p.o. box 1127
70111 KUOPIO

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