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Finnvera Guarantee

Finnvera Guarantee is intended for SMEs as security for domestic financing in such areas as investments, working capital and business and company acquisitions.

Finnvera Guarantee as part of your company's financing

Does your company have enough collateral to apply for a loan from a bank? The Finnvera Guarantee serves as a partial collateral for a bank loan and may be a solution for arranging financing.

The Finnvera Guarantee is intended as security for various domestic financing needs, such as the following:

  • product development
  • marketing
  • investments in machinery, equipment and production facilities or business premises
  • as security for financing the working capital required for the company´s business
  • as security for production time finance in projects
  • as security for seasonal financing
  • as security for financing an acquisition or business deal
  • security associated with domestic delivery contracts.

The Finnvera Guarantee can be used as a guarantee for loans or bank guarantees granted by the bank, the financing company or the insurance company in the following forms of financing, among other things:

  • promissory note
  • bank account with overdraft facility
  • credit limit
  • bank guarantee (delivery security, other security commitment)
  • bank guarantee limit (delivery security)
  • factoring financing.

Terms and conditions of the Finnvera Guarantee

Applying for the Finnvera Guarantee

The financier can now also apply for Finnvera Guarantees on behalf of your company directly through Finnvera. It is important to agree in the financial negotiations which party will apply for the guarantee.

You can also apply for Finnvera Guarantee for your company yourself in our online service in a secure and easy way. You can log in to the online service with your personal online banking credentials or mobile certificate.

T-forms from Yritystutkimus ry's website (if needed).

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