Loans for green transition and digitalisation

The world around us is changing. It is important to keep up with the development. With the help of our new loans, you can accelerate your company's investments towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Financing accelerates companies' climate solutions, innovations and digitalisation

Any new growth and export potential will increasingly be associated with the energy transformation and green transition. Digitalisation is the key to developing and renewing business operations. We encourage companies to seize new, emerging business opportunities.

Get acquainted with our new unsecured loan products that have been implemented in cooperation with the European Investment Fund with the support of the InvestEU Guarantee Programme. When granting loans, the green transition and sustainable development will be examined through the lens of corporate responsibility and good governance – aka the ESG criteria.

With these products, Finnvera does not primarily aim for the role of the main provider of financing.

Climate and Environmental Loan

The Climate and Environmental Loan is intended for investments in the green and sustainable transition of Finnish companies. It is suited for companies that promote, for example, the use of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, the use of sustainable materials, or the transition to a circular economy or a low-emission economy.

Digitalisation and Innovation Loan

The Digitalisation and Innovation Loan is intended for companies driven by innovation and digitalisation to support investments and boost competitiveness. The loan is suitable for companies whose funding needs focus on product, process or service development; other investments in intellectual property; the digitalisation of business models; the digital management of supply chains; or digital business development; etc.

What kind of projects can loans be granted for?

The InvestEU guarantee of the European Investment Fund (EIF) allows for favourable terms and conditions of the loan. All investments and beneficiaries are assessed during the application process, and they must meet the special criteria set by Finnvera and the EIF.

Special InvestEU terms and conditions are required for the loan, the signing of which is part of the contract entity. Read more about the InvestEU terms and conditions (pdf).

The Climate and Environmental Loan can be granted, for example, for investments in:

  • Renewable energy: solar energy, marine energy, wind power, geothermal heating, renewable energy transmission and distribution solutions, energy storage solutions, manufacture of renewable energy products
  • (Commercial) buildings with green and energy efficiency certification: renovation and construction of commercial buildings
  • Improving the energy efficiency of the industrial sector
  • Zero- and low-emission mobility: infrastructure
  • Green ICT investments and solutions for mitigating climate change and enabling circular economy business models
  • Waste prevention, recycling and waste reduction, collection and recovery
  • Investments that enable resource savings through reuse, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing or recycling

The Digitalisation and Innovation Loan can be granted, for example, for:

  • Developing innovative products or processes
  • Digital and innovative business models
  • Improving the efficiency of digitalisation in supply chain management
  • Developing products, processes or services using digital technology
  • Digital customer relationship management
  • Digital business development

Would you like to discuss your plans before applying for financing?

If you would like to discuss with us whether our loan product would be suitable for financing your company's project, please contact our customer service or submit a contact request. Our experts will help you find the right solution.