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Growth Loan

Finnvera can grant Growth Loans to SMEs and midcap companies for the financing of major growth or internationalisation projects and corporate restructuring.

Accelerate growth and internationalisation with the Growth Loan

Finnvera's Growth Loan is a debt-based mezzanine financing product whose preference and other terms are negotiated jointly with the financiers who provide senior financing for the project.

Project profitability and eligibility for financing is assessed on a case-specific basis together with other financiers.

What kind of company is the Growth Loan suitable for

The loan may be granted to SMEs and midcap companies which have been in operation for over three years. If the applicant is a holding company (NewCo) buying another company already in operation, it is required that the company to be bought has been in operation for a minimum of three years.

Terms and conditions of the Growth Loan

Further information about the Growth Loan

Would you like to discuss more about the loan before applying for financing? Please contact our customer service or submit a contact request and we will contact you.

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