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Code of Conduct

Corporate responsibility consists of many different subjects. New norms and standards are constantly introduced in the form of mandatory laws and decrees both nationally and internationally. At the same time companies have their own needs to specify what corporate responsibility means for them and intentionally go beyond the minimum requirements.

Finnvera has also drawn up rules concerning corporate responsibility and its subsectors (such as financial responsibility, social responsibility and environmental responsibility) and ethical business operations.

On this page you will find Finnvera's Code of Conduct, environmental and social risk management policy, anti-bribery policy and tax evasion risk management policy as PDF documents. Code of Conduct brings together our core principles and practices of good conduct.

Our aim is to serve our customers and fulfil our national mission in a fruitful and sustainable manner.

Pauli Heikkilä


Finnveran toimitusjohtaja Pauli Heikkilä