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SME Guarantee

Does your company want growth and does it need financing for domestic investments, working capital or product development, but have not enough collateral? Finnvera's SME Guarantee can be a solution for access to funding.

The SME Guarantee is intended to secure a loan for a growth-oriented company

Finnvera’s SME Guarantee makes it easier for SMEs to get a bank loan for investment, working capital or product development needs and for a business acquisition.

Your bank files an application on your behalf.

The SME Guarantee is intended for an SME that meets the EU definition of an SME and is more than three years old from its first registration in the Trade Register. A company can be a domestic company or a registered business name, but not a cooperative or a registered association.

Terms and conditions of the SME guarantee

Applying for the SME Guarantee

Contact your bank.

Present your credit application to the bank. The bank evaluates the operating conditions and creditworthiness of your business before issuing a loan.

Your bank files an application on your behalf.

If your enterprise opts for a SME Guarantee, the bank will issue a credit decision and apply for a SME Guarantee on your behalf from Finnvera through the online service. You or your enterprise do not need to contact Finnvera directly. You or your company don’t need to be in direct contact with Finnvera.

Finnvera make a financing decision and your bank will contact you.

Finnvera makes an independent decision based on the bank's application and Finnvera's own overall assessment. Your bank will contact you after Finnvera’s financing decision and request the debtor to sign the documents sent by Finnvera. The credit financed by Finnvera can be withdrawn after Finnvera has issued a separate notice of effectiveness to the bank. 

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