Checklist for a company acquisition

If you are interested in buying an active company, remember at least these five things.

1. Choose the company you wish to buy

  • If you are still just looking for a company to buy, see online trading platforms (e.g. Yrityspörssi website) where you can find suitable companies for sale.
  • If you intend to become an entrepreneur, assess whether you have enough competence to run the company's operations. If you already have an active company, assess whether the company you are buying supports your current business.

2. Learn more about the acquisition target

  • What is the state of the company? Has the management of its finances been reliable?
  • Has the company's business development been systematic and continuous in recent years?
  • Has the company been competitive and what factors could threaten its competitiveness in the future?
  • How could the company's profitability and competitiveness be improved?
  • Does the company have customer contracts or similar and can they be renewed?

3. Select the acquisition method

  • A company acquisition may be carried out as a business acquisition or as an acquisition of shares.
  • The method selected should always be on a case-by-case basis and experts should always be consulted during the planning stage.

4. Get help from external experts

  • An external expert's report and assessment of the object of purchase is often necessary, especially if the company has several employees or operations in several locations.
  • You can also use the help of an external expert to select the method of execution of the transaction (business or share purchase) and to assess and organise matters related to taxation, evaluation, financial management, contract law and financing.

5. Start financing negotiations early enough and plan the funding in advance

  • Contact your bank and Finnvera as early as possible to ensure that the execution of the transaction is not delayed due to a lack of financing.
  • Make sure that you have sufficient self-financing.
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