This page contains information on the price of our financing and the service price list. Our service price list contains the most common expenses, fees, and other charges.

Charges for financing services

Finnvera charges a guarantee commission on the guarantees it offers and interest on loan financing. In addition, Finnvera also charges a service fee for each loan.

Finnvera invoices the customer directly for the guarantee commission and the delivery fee. The amount of the guarantee commission is determined on the same basis as the interest margin on its loans. The guarantee commission is charged on the basis of the guarantee balance that Finnvera is aware of when sending the commission calculation. The commission is invoiced in advance on a quarterly basis at the beginning of January, April, July and October using the 30-day month and 360-day year. The first commission is invoiced from the guarantee’s entry into force date until the end of the first invoicing period.

The fees charged for the Start Guarantee and the SME Guarantee are the guarantee commission and the delivery fee. Fixed pricing is used in SME guarantees and Start guarantees. The service fee is 1.0% of the guarantee amount, minimum EUR 150.

Finnvera uses the six-month Euribor as the reference rate for its loans. The margin added to the reference rate depends on the company's risk classification and the collateral. The risk classification is based on the assessment of the company's financial standing and business prospects. The final interest is given in the financing offer.

Finnvera does not compete with banks as a provider of financing.

Service Price List

Payments related to credit agreements

Changes in terms of credit or guarantee agreements, such as changes in the payment programme and changes in the loan and guarantee period.


If the bank implements a similar change in the payment scheme for its own guarantee or for Finnvera’s guarantee, the amount of the payment fee can be adjusted to correspond to the payment fee charged by the bank.

0.25% of the amount of the credit or guarantee, but not less than €50 and at most EUR 1,000

(In addition, an increase in the loan margin or guarantee commission)


Early repayment:


(Not charged for small and female entrepreneur loans, collection credits or entrepreneur loans in bankruptcy or corporate acquisition situations)


Contrary to the terms and conditions of the promissory note, the loss of interest income will not be charged until further notice.

€100 + compensation for loss of interest income in accordance with the terms of the promissory note

Extension of the period of the financing offer

  • A cost less than €50 will not be invoiced
  • The extension of the tendering period for the Start Guarantee will not be invoiced
0.2 per cent of the amount of financing offered / 3 months extension

Consent (waiver) to the special terms and conditions (covenants) of financing.


Company liabilities €






over 5,000,000










Payments related to guarantees

Change of security€100–300
Issuance of a secondary pledge agreement€100
Applying for a property title + a property mortgage on real estate€300 + VAT 24%
Registration of the right to rent + applying for a mortgage on the right to rent€300 + VAT 24%
Applying for a property mortgage€200 + VAT 24%
Applying for a lease property mortgage€200 + VAT 24%
Applying for an enterprise mortgage€150 + VAT 24%
Redeeming/removing a mortgage€100 + VAT 24%
Changing the order of priority and other related measures changes in mortgages€100–200 + VAT 24%
The costs charged by the authorities are also charged. 

Notifications and other fees

Comprehensive entry report of liabilities€50–200
Invoicing fee€6
Express order service fee€30
Balance certificate ordered by the client or other certificate€15
Certificate of security ordered by the client€30
Automatically sent as an e-letter according to the closing date
balance and guarantee notifications are free of charge for customers.

Collection costs

Payment reminder€8   
Notification of overdue payments to guarantors and pledgers€8 / notification
Demand for payment 
If the capital of the receivables is less than or equal to EUR 500€50
If the capital of the receivables exceeds EUR 500 but not EUR 2,500€70
If the capital of the receivables exceeds EUR 2,500 but not EUR 10,000€90 
If the capital of the receivables is over EUR 10,000€110
You will be charged half of the first payment claim cost for a new payment claim of the same amount sent to you. 
Unaccepted bill of exchange 
If the capital of the receivables is less than or equal to EUR 500€30
If the capital of the receivables exceeds EUR 500 but not EUR 2,500€40
If the capital of the receivables exceeds EUR 2,500 but not EUR 10,000€60 
If the capital of the receivables is over EUR 10,000€80 
Collection costs are based on the Debt Collection Act and are maximum amounts. The debtor is required to bear the actual recovery costs if the recovery results in costs other than those mentioned above or exceeding the above maximum amounts due to the higher than normal workload. 
Collection costs include the value added tax costs incurred by Finnvera from invoicing Intrum, which are not deductible by Finnvera. The collection costs to the end customer are exclusive of VAT. 

The service price list contains the most common expenses, fees, and other charges. The prices mentioned in the price list may vary if the labour costs are higher than usual.

This price list shall be in force until further notice. Other prices will be revealed when using services.

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