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Finnvera is a specialised financing company owned by the State of Finland. It provides domestic small and medium sized enterprises with loans and guarantees. 

Finnvera is also the official export credit agency of Finland and provides export credits and guarantees. Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment supervises and monitors Finnvera's operations.


Finnvera funds its lending operations by borrowing from international capital markets. Finnvera seeks to ensure that funding is diversified by source and maturity. The most important funding currencies are EUR and USD. Primary source of long term funding is debt issued under the EUR 15 billion EMTN programme. For short term funding debt is issued under the EUR 3 billion ECP programme. The debt issued under both programmes is explicitly guaranteed by the Republic of Finland (AA+/Aa1/AA+).

Credit Ratings

Agency Long term Short term
Fitch AA+ F1+
Moody’s Aa1 P-1