A claim for indemnification under an export guarantee can be submitted to Finnvera if the buyer of the export product fails, for example, to pay an invoice or a repayment instalment or if the buyer files for insolvency.

Claiming indemnification

A claim for indemnification under an export guarantee must be made in writing by the guarantee holder, i.e. usually the bank or the exporter, by using the below claims form for Buyer Credit Guarantees or the claims form for Credit Risk Guarantees and Export Receivables Guarantees. These forms can also be used when claiming for indemnification under any other export guarantee product of Finnvera. Alternatively, the claim can also be free-form as long as long as it is in written form and duly signed by the guarantee holder.

Submitting the claim for indemnification by using the below claims forms including the required attachments (e.g. invoices, delivery contract and credit documents) ensures an efficient processing of the claim. In order to be able to process the claim, the guarantee holder must provide Finnvera with all available information and documents related to the claim as well as any other additional information requested by Finnvera.

The claim for indemnification and thereto related attachments should primarily be submitted by e-mail (preferably using a secured connection) to claims(at) 

The payment of indemnification under an export guarantee is, among other things, subject to: 

  • compliance with the terms and conditions of the export guarantee agreement and the general conditions related thereto;
  • payment of the guarantee premium and handling fee; 
  • timely submission of export declarations;
  • notification of payment delays and increase in the risk of loss; and
  • submission of the claim for indemnification within the set time limits.

Initiation of recovery measures

In the event of a payment default, the guarantee holder must according to the guarantee agreement and thereto related general conditions initiate appropriate recovery measures without delay and on its own initiative.

The guarantee holder must consult Finnvera regarding the recovery measures, including but not limited, when: 

  • mandating a debt collection agency or a law firm; 
  • liquidating of pledged property or other security; and/or
  • initiating of any other precautionary measures intended to preserve receivables.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail claims(at) or by phone on +358 29 460 11.

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