Solutions for sustainable financing

It is important that Finnish businesses can play a role in solving the challenges posed by climate change. Our financing helps companies become part of the solution.

Incentives and products for sustainable financing and climate-positive projects

The transition to lower-emission solutions has increased the demand for investments and created new business and export opportunities. It is important that Finnish businesses can play a role in solving the challenges posed by climate change. Our financing helps companies become part of the solution.

Incentives for sustainable financing

We accelerate the transition with incentives and products for sustainable financing. Finnvera’s incentives for financing are available to projects that meet our criteria for climate-positive features. 

Our incentives have been designed for all types of businesses, from those seeking domestic investments to those looking to export their solutions to the world.


How Finnvera identifies climate-positive projects

We use sector-specific climate criteria to identify the climate-positive features of larger export financing projects. In domestic financing we apply the terms and conditions of the climate and environmental loan and the digitalisation and innovation loan.


Climate criteria for export financing

We have defined a set of climate criteria for larger export transactions, applicable to Finnvera's most essential export financing sectors, such as cruise shipping, pulp and paper, telecommunications, mining and metals, and energy.

  • Our criteria help us identify the project features that will have a positive impact on the climate and the environment. 
  • Our climate criteria complement the environmental and social risk assessment of the projects we finance.

Climate criteria for domestic financing

As part of our domestic financing activities, we make use of several methods for identifying climate-positive investments and projects, such as: 

  • Taking into account the terms and special criteria of InvestEU programme-compliant climate and environmental loans and digitalisation and innovation loans. 
  • Identifying potentially sustainable development projects and investments that promote productivity and competitiveness.

Sustainable financing solutions are responsible solutions

We are a responsible provider of financing, and our operations are grounded in risk-based assessments and international standards. As we have underlined in our strategy, we want to increase the share of climate-positive investments in the projects we finance.

Finnvera’s climate targets

We highlight the impacts of climate change in our financing decisions and treasury operations, as well as in our risk management. We have set goals to mitigate climate change, and we measure and report on the climate impacts of our financing operations and other activities. Read more about our sustainability goals.