Financing planning for a growth company

A good financing plan is a prerequisite for implementing the project. For a growing company, financial planning is also necessary to assess risks.

Financial planning allows for a more seamless processing of projects

Carrying out financial planning in advance and assessing risks allows for a project to be processed seamlessly. Quantifiable risks are more manageable.

The amount of financing required affects which financing solution is chosen. This information can usually be found in the business and investment plan. A tool for drafting and maintaining a business plan can be found, for example, in the My Enterprise Finland service. Business and performance plans must also be attached to the financing application submitted to Finnvera.

When planning for growth, cash asset and liquidity forecasting is also important. Learn more about drafting a cash flow statement on the website.

Finnvera’s solutions for growing companies

Finnvera can support a company's growth by financing investments, trade, internationalisation or transfers of ownership. 

A financing solution that is suitable for the small-scale needs of domestic growth companies is the SME Guarantee, which the bank will request directly from Finnvera on your behalf. If the SME Guarantee is not suitable for financing your project, other Finnvera financing solutions, such as the Finnvera Guarantee, can be used.

Larger projects are typically financed jointly by Finnvera and other providers of financing, so please always contact your bank first.

The Team Finland Network also provides growing companies with a wide range of services to support product development and investment projects or internationalisation.

Finnvera's share of the total financing varies

In the case of SME guarantees, Finnvera’s guarantee coverage is always 80 per cent of the loan amount. For other financing solutions, our contribution is generally 50 per cent of the project’s total financing. In contracts that require financing during manufacturing, Finnvera may, on a case-by-case basis, provide up to 80 per cent of the total financing.

The self-financing requirement depends on the project. For investments, the self-financing requirement is typically 15 per cent. Finnvera does not require self-financing in the case of Start Guarantees and SME Guarantees.

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