Incentives for green growth

Our financing helps you boost your company’s investments towards a greener and more digital future. Read more about our incentives for green growth.

Green incentives for investments of all sizes

We want to encourage the projects we finance to promote the green transition and engage in green growth. Our incentives for green growth encourage Finnish companies to become part of the solution to global climate challenges.

  • Our financing terms are competitive, both in Finland and abroad.
  • Our loans for green transition investments and projects will accelerate your goals. 
  • We provide tailored services and financing arrangements for export and investment projects that promote the potential of green growth.  

Incentives for green growth investments

Climate and digital loans for a sustainable transition

Finnvera’s unsecured climate and environmental loan and digitalisation and innovation loan are a great option for green transition projects and digital development initiatives. We can provide up to EUR 2 million in unsecured loans. 

Loans and guarantees for early-stage investments

The green transition demands bold solutions. We identify high-potential investments in which Finnvera can participate with domestic loans or guarantees at an earlier-than-usual stage and with up to an 80% share. 

Export credits for climate-positive projects

We want to accelerate the export of new, lower-emission technology from Finland while also promoting small and medium-sized exporters. We can provide export credits up to EUR 40 million to projects that meet Finnvera’s sector-specific climate criteria. Otherwise, maximum amount of an export credit is EUR 20 million. We work primarily together with banks. Before granting an export credit, we find out whether your bank can grant the credit you need with the help of Finnvera’s export credit guarantees.

The best financing solutions for green growth-oriented export projects

We want to encourage Finnish companies to develop technological solutions that will help mitigate climate change, both globally and in various markets. As part of the OECD Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits, the participating export credit agencies have agreed on the ways that export financing can help encourage climate-positive investments and export projects, for example by allowing long repayment period for credits. We  look for the most suitable incentives for implementing green growth-oriented export projects on a case-by-case basis.

Services tailored to your needs

We appoint each of our domestic and export finance clients with a designated account or finance manager. When you are ready to take your innovation to the world, don't hesitate to get in touch! Together, we can find the best incentives for financing your company’s project.