Financing of growth and trade

Does your company need financing to trade? Does your trade agreement require delivery guarantees? As the need for working capital increases, Finnvera may find a financing solution for you.

Financing of trade for different situations

As your company grows and trades, it may need financing in many different situations. Depending on the content of the sales contract, the company may need financing for the manufacturing and delivery period or for the different stages of delivery.

Financing during manufacturing and delivery

You may need working capital financing during the production of the delivery to complete your product or to wait for payment from the purchase. Finnvera can use loans and guarantees to finance the manufacture of products.

Guarantees in export transactions

If your company does not receive an advance payment of 100%, you may need guarantees in export transactions for your purchase. Finnvera can share the risk with your bank by providing guarantees related to deliveries.

Working capital for growth

As your company seeks growth, the need for working capital also increases. The company may need financing, for example, because of personnel, production equipment, marketing and sales costs, or the increase in stock. Finnvera may take part in the financing of working capital by providing loans and guarantees. Depending on the size of the financing, we will do it alone or together with other financing providers.

Financing planning for a growth company

A good financing plan is a prerequisite for implementing the project. For a growing company, financial planning is also necessary to assess risks.

Information for Finnvera's financing applicant

When applying for financing for your company, it is important to remember certain basic requirements related to being granted a loan. On these pages, you will find information on how to apply for financing and the matters you should take into account.

Charges for financing services

This page contains information on the price of our financing and the service price list. Our service price list contains the most common expenses, fees, and other charges.

Suitable financing solutions

Start Guarantee

Are you considering seeking financing for investment, working capital or development of your business, but your collateral is not enough. Finnvera's Start Guarantee can be a solution to obtaining financing.

Finnvera Guarantee

Finnvera Guarantee is intended for SMEs as security for domestic financing in such areas as investments, working capital and business and company acquisitions.

Finnvera Loan

The Finnvera Loan is intended for SMEs to finance domestic construction, machinery and equipment investments, energy and environmental projects, working capital needs and various ownership arrangements.

SME Guarantee

Does your company want growth and does it need financing for domestic investments, working capital or product development, but have not enough collateral? Finnvera's SME Guarantee can be a solution for access to funding.