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Entrepreneur Loan

An Entrepreneur Loan is a personal loan granted to an entrepreneur. It may be used, for example, for acquiring shares in a public limited company or making an investment in the share capital.

Entrepreneur Loan for a company’s shareholders for ownership arrangements

An Entrepreneur Loan is a personal loan granted to a shareholder in a company or the person taking over its business. The loan can be used for transfers of ownership, ownership arrangements or financing the participation of a new shareholder in a limited liability company, and it can be granted to several shareholders in the same company. 

The loan is not suitable for financing the company's working capital needs or as the company's only form of financing.

Terms and conditions of the Entrepreneur Loan

Applying for the Entrepreneur Loan

Apply for the Entrepreneur Loan through our Online Service.

You can apply for the Entrepreneur Loan through our Online Service. You can log in to the online service with your personal online banking credentials or mobile certificate.

You will speed up the processing of the application by submitting with the application:

  • Business plan
  • Profit plan
  • From an active company, financial statements for the previous three financial years and the latest available information for the current financial year
  • Information on applicant’s assets, liabilities, income and expenses (pdf). The information can also be completed directly to the application in our online service. N.B.! Filling out the PDF form works best with Adobe Reader.

Should you wish, you can draw up a business plan and a profit plan in the Enterprise Finland service.

We will contact you.

We will contact you by phone within a week after we have received your application.

Before making a financing decision, Finnvera carries out a business analysis to establish the applicant's financial situation and capabilities for repaying the loan, as well as the enterprise’s potential for profitable business. We assess your goals, strategy and development plans and the market situation.

Finnvera make a financing decision.

In addition to the scope of the project, the processing time will be affected by the coverage of the data submitted by application and any additional necessary information on the project to be financed. 

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