Sector limitations of Finnvera's financing

Finnvera can provide financing for most sectors. However, there are certain sectors that are not covered by Finnvera's financing due to the legislation governing Finnvera or the company's own policies.

Sectors Finnvera can not finance

The following sectors are not covered by Finnvera's financial operations in accordance with the legislation governing Finnvera's operations or the company's own policies.

Regardless of the industry, significant negative environmental and social impacts are grounds for credit rejection.

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Finnvera restricts export credit guarantees for oil and gas projects

The sectoral policy is based on Finnvera's strategy and the international climate objectives to which Finland is committed.

Finnvera updated its sectoral policies

In keeping with its new sectoral policies, Finnvera will not participate in financing coal-fired power plants or infrastructure related to them.

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