Financing decision

On this page, you will find information about the schedules of financing decisions and the financing decision process.

How is the company assessed?

If your bank applies for Finnvera's Start Guarantee or SME Guarantee on your behalf, our financing decision is based on the bank's assessment of your company's creditworthiness and prospects of success.

When using other financing solutions Finnvera will examine your company's ability to engage in profitable business and put its plan into effect.

How and when will I receive the financing decision

Start Guarantee and SME Guarantee

We will process the Start Guarantee and SME Guarantee applications within three banking days if the guaranteed credit meets our guarantee terms. We will submit the financing decision to the bank, and they will contact you. We will not send you a separate financing offer.

Other financing solutions

Our expert will contact you within a week after we have received your application. The processing of your financing application will depend on the scope of the project. You will receive our financing offer for approval via online service or by secure email. Our financing offer will contain instructions on how to accept or reject the offer.

After you have accepted the offer, our expert will contact you for drawing out the loan or having the guarantee take effect. After the conditions of our financing offer have been met and the documents have been signed, the loan can be paid to the account you have given us or the guarantee given for a loan granted by your bank.

Negative decision

If the financing decision is negative, we will send you a written notification giving the grounds for the rejection via online service or by secure email. If necessary, you can go through the decision in more detail with a Finnvera representative by telephone.

Questions about applying for financing?

Please contact our customer service in any questions related to financing applications and financing options.

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