Information required for the application

Carefully completing the financing application and providing the necessary attachments, such as financial statements and profit forecasts, to the application will speed up the processing of the application.

What information and attachments are needed for the application

When you apply for financing in our online service, you will be asked, for example, the following information:

  • Basic details of the company, the entrepreneur and the owner
  • Description of the project being financed
  • Overall project financing plan
  • Public subsidies (e.g., grants from Business Finland, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, etc.) allocated for the same overall financing

Enclose the following information to your application either as attachments or entered directly into the application:

  • Business plan
  • Performance plan for the next three years

From an active company, we also need:

  • financial statements for the previous three financial years
  • the latest available information for the current financial year

In case of a corporate acquisition, you should also attach:

  • financial statements of the company to be acquired for the previous three financial years
  • articles of association or partnership agreement, if available

You may also enclose other attachments to the application that you consider important for its processing. When planning for growth, for example, you should give consideration to such issues as the adequacy of cash assets, which can be ensured by means of cash flow calculations.

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