Even though our financing decisions are based on assessing the companies’ business prospects, the collateral may also play a role. The need for collateral is examined on a case-by-case basis.

Start Guarantee

From the principal shareholders in a limited liability company, we require special guarantees as for one's own debt, which must cover 25% of Finnvera's initial guarantee amount. The minimum amount of a guarantee as for one's own debt is EUR 3,000.

SME Guarantee

The SME Guarantee does not require collateral.

Other financing solutions

For other financing solutions, we require a personal guarantee from the principal shareholders in a limited liability company. Any financing for a subsidiary requires a guarantee by the company's parent company.

The amount of the guarantee is 20% of the amount of the liability, with the minimum being EUR 3,000 and the maximum EUR 20,000 per guarantor. Private traders, partners in a general partnership, and general partners in a limited partnership are personally responsible for all liabilities of their company, so they are not required to provide personal guarantees.

Business mortgages, or real property or leasehold mortgages against the property in the company’s use are often used as collateral in projects requiring more substantial financing.

Finnvera does not use an apartment permanently used by an entrepreneur as collateral for financing.

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