The need determines the financing solution

For us, it is important that our financing serves your company’s needs as closely as possible. That’s why our expert makes the selection and offers you a loan, a guarantee or an export financing solution that best suits the current development stage of your company.

  • Finnvera Loan

    A Finnvera Loan (Investment and Working Capital Loan) is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises. It can be used to finance domestic construction, machinery and equipment investments, energy and environment projects, working capital needs, and various ownership arrangements. The minimum amount for a loan is 30,000 euros.

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  • Entrepreneur Loan

    An Entrepreneur Loan is a personal loan to an entrepreneur and it can be used to finance investments in the share capital of a limited company and/or in the fund of invested unrestricted shareholder’s equity. An Entrepreneur Loan can also be used to finance purchases of shares of an existing limited company.

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  • Internationalization Loan

    The Internationalization Loan is intended for financing the business operations of a Finnish SME abroad.

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  • Bridge financing for the period preceding the payment of grants

    Bridge financing means a loan granted by Finnvera to meet a company’s need for working capital during the period between a positive grant decision made by a Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) or Business Finland and the actual payment of the grant.

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  • Bond financing

    Bond financing by Finnvera is well-suited for companies' general financing needs, such as investments, expansion and development of operations and the organisation of the financing structure. Because of their typical features and structure, bonds are best-suited for large financing needs.

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  • Growth Loan

    Finnvera can grant Growth Loans to SMEs and midcap companies for the financing of major growth or internationalisation projects and corporate restructuring.

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  • Export Receivables Loan

    The Export Receivables Loan is intended for refinancing the export receivables of Finnish enterprises engaged in the export of capital goods.

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