Counter-cyclical financing for growth following the recession


Finnvera’s counter-cyclical financing is intended for enterprises whose profitability or liquidity declined because of the unfavourable economic situation and that faced difficulties in obtaining financing. As the economic situation improves counter-cyclical financing can also be used, up until the end of 2011, by these enterprises to finance working capital or investment needs resulting from growth.

A financing decision is preceded by a corporate analysis assessing the enterprise’s potential to be successful after the financial crisis. For this reason, Finnvera needs the enterprise’s financial statements for the past 2-3 years and a clear plan on how the company intends to overcome the difficulties stemming from the recession in order to enable new growth for making a decision on financing. Start-up enterprises aiming for growth can also apply for counter-cyclical financing. The more complete the enterprise’s application is, the more quickly it can be handled.

Finnvera’s counter-cyclical financing is intended for improving the enterprise’s financial situation during the recession. One prerequisite for the financing is, therefore, that the other principal financiers also either grant additional financing or reschedule their receivables for one year. This may mean, for example, a year of grace or additional financing from a bank. Negotiations with other financiers are needed before a financing decision is made.

The application submitted to Finnvera is not for any specific counter-cyclical financing as such; filling in a standard application form for financing is enough.

Information needed for application

An application that is filled up carefully speeds up the application handling.

Contents of the application:

  • Basic data on the enterprise, the entrepreneur and the owner of the enterprise
  • Description of the business or a separate business plan
    (the enterprise’s main products and services and an estimate of their market situation and sales prospects, customers, and principal competitors)
  • Description of the project to be financed
  • Plan for the total funding of the project
  • The enterprise’s profit plan for three years
  • If the enterprise is already in existence, complete financial statements, including the appendices, for the past three years
  • The Articles of Association or the Partnership Agreement (if available when the application is submitted)

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