We process personal data in compliance with data protection legislation and good data management and processing practices. When it comes to customer data, we operate according to Section 5 of the Act on the State-Owned Specialised Financing Company (443/1998). Our web pages may contain links to the web pages or services of other companies that have their own data protection practices, unconnected to those of Finnvera. In such cases, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the data protection practices of the third parties in question.

Further information about data protection may be presented in connection with individual services, products, websites and applications. In such cases, the further information provided takes precedence over this text.

Our data protection practices may change when we develop our services or when legislation changes. Up-to-date information about our practices can be found on this website.

How and for which purposes is personal data collected?

Finnvera’s processing of personal data is based on the customer relationship. The purpose of the processing is to manage the customer relationship throughout its life cycle.

A customer’s personal data may be used, among other things, for offering products and services, responding to requests and questions, enforcing agreements and carrying out other similar tasks. Data may also be used for Finnvera’s risk management and for fulfilling obligations, such as identifying users, ensuring information security and preventing and inspecting misuse, that are based on legislation and authorities’ regulations and instructions.

Finnvera may also conduct customer communications, in which case we may, for instance, send product- and service-related bulletins and change notifications to the customer. We may use personal data for product and service marketing and for market research if consent for this has been granted or it is otherwise allowed. In addition, we may use personal data for the targeting of our products and services by, for instance, providing recommendations or displaying targeted content in our service.

Where do we get personal data from?

Finnvera gets personal data from the customer. Data may be observed and derived from the use of services. In addition, we get data from registers maintained by authorities, the credit information and customer default register and other reliable registers.

Who processes personal data?

Personal data is only processed by those Finnvera employees who need to process the data as a part of their work duties.

Personal data is always processed exercising due care and in compliance with good data processing practices.

What kinds of personal data do we collect?

Personal data is collected when products and services are sold, when a person becomes a customer, during the customer relationship, in connection with marketing campaign or surveys and in other customer interaction with Finnvera. We only collect personal data that is necessary for the purpose of the product or service in question. For instance, we get data when a person requests services, participates in surveys or campaigns or responds to questions in connection with services offered by Finnvera. Personal data collected includes, among other things:

  • Information related to pinpointing and identifying the person, such as the person’s name and personal identity code
  • Contact details, such as the person’s address, e-mail address and telephone number
  • Various information related to the customer relationship and its management
  • Information required by the fulfilment of legal obligations
  • Information related to taking products and services into use
  • Information about the use of products and services, such as service usage and browsing details collected on our website. The personal data collected is determined by the product or service in question.

How do we use cookies?

A cookie is a small text file saved on the user’s device that do not harm the computer or its files. We use cookies for developing our online services and improving the overall user experience, among other things.

We use session-specific and permanent cookies. Session-specific cookies only exist for the duration of a session, that is: a single use of the online service, and they are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. Permanent cookies exist for a certain period of time and they remain on the computer also after the end of the session unless the user deletes them before that. Cookies do not harm your device or files.

You can control the use of cookies with browser management functions, for instance. The use of cookies can be prevented in the browser settings. However, the prevention of cookies may impair the functionality of our services and the user experience.

To whom do we disclose personal data?

We only disclose data as permitted by law (Section 6 of the Act on the State-Owned Specialised Financing Company 443/1998). Finnvera may use subcontractors in service production and disclose personal data to authorities, among others, to fulfil the legal obligations. We process data inside the EU and the EEA.

Your rights as a customer

You have the right to access the data pertaining to you as well as the right to demand that erroneous or incomplete data be rectified and any data file data that is unnecessary or obsolete as regards the purpose of the processing be erased.

How is personal data protected?

Personal data is protected in compliance with duty of care, as required by law, and data is protected very carefully by using appropriate means of data protection and information security. We continuously update our internal practices and guidelines.

How is data stored and kept up to date?

We store the data at least for the duration of the customer relationship. After the termination of the customer relationship, the storage period depends on the data in question and its purpose. We fulfil legal data storage obligations.

We aim at ensuring that the personal data in our possession is accurate and up to date by erasing unnecessary data and updating obsolete data. Nevertheless, we advise you to check from time to time that your data is up to date.

Whom to contact?

Enquiries and requests related to the processing of personal data are to be primarily addressed to the controller. The controller is determined on the basis of the customer relationship. We answer questions about the processing of personal data and data protection at tietosuojavastaava(at)finnvera.fi.

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