About cookies

This page explains how we use cookies in our online services.

Cookies on the Finnvera.fi website

Cookies are small text files that a web browser saves on the user’s device. Our website uses cookies that enable the website to function and collect information about its use. We ask for your consent to the use of cookies when you first visit the Finnvera.fi website.

We use the Matomo Analytics tool to track website usage. On the Matomo analytics platform, the data is anonymised by deleting the last two segments of IP addresses, and the location data is only viewed at a general level. Users cannot be identified by IP address or location.

Visitor data is collected on some webpages as part of the monitoring of the implementation of the regulation establishing a single digital gateway (EU) 2018/1724. In addition to the page URL, the pages connected to the digital gateway collect the number of visitors, their country, and the terminal device used. The data are collected anonymously and cannot be used to identify the user. The data will only be available to Finnvera, the European Commission, and national coordinators mentioned in the regulation. The data collected are stored in the EU Commission's repository for a maximum period of three years, after which they are automatically deleted.

In addition, we use embedded content on our website from third-party services. For example, we may use cookies to display embedded content, such as YouTube videos and social media sharing buttons.

You can change the selected cookie settings at any time.

Cookies in the online service

Only the necessary cookies related to the operation of the service are used in our online service.

Finnvera newsletters

Newsletters contain so-called tracking pixels. They are thumbnails in HTML format attached to e-mail messages that allow you to save and analyse log data. They help track the success of online marketing campaigns. The embedded tracking pixel provides information about if the newsletter was opened, when it was opened, and whether the user opened links in the newsletter.

Finnvera stores and analyses data from newsletters’ tracking pixels in order to optimise the delivery of the newsletter and improve the content of future newsletters to better suit the recipients. This information is not disclosed to third parties. You have the option to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of the newsletter. Once we have received the notification, your information will be immediately removed from the newsletter subscribers list.

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