For the period from the 15th of March 2020 through to the 15th of April 2020

FEC will apply these rates to financing of export credits and to new interest equalisation indications, bids and agreements.

CIRR Rates (PDF)

FEC will add a premium of 0.2 per cent to the CIRRs when fixing at bid. Interest rates may not be fixed for longer than 120 days.In project finance for repayment terms of up to and including 12 years, the normal CIRR shall apply. For repayment terms in excess of 12 years and up to 14 years, a surcharge of 20 basis point on the CIRR shall apply for all currencies. CIRR´s for Renewable Energies and Water Projects with repayment period over 11 years are available on OECD’s web site.


  • CATEGORY I 2 - 5 years (8.5 years)
  • CATEGORY II 2 - 10 years