Financing of export and ship credits in cooperation with the bank

Export credits contribute to the competitiveness of Finnish exporters on the international market.


Export credit financing facilitates the arrangement of financing for foreign buyers who purchase capital goods and related services from Finland.

  • Creditworthy foreign buyer
  • The credit maturity is at least 2 years
  • Credit currencies EUR, USD or, on a case-by-case basis, the borrower’s or buyer’s country’s currency  
  • Floating or fixed rate credit
  • Export transactions must have a sufficient Finnish content
  • The credit is subject to the terms of OECD Arrangement

Finnvera’s Buyer Credit Guarantee or Ship Guarantee is always a prerequisite for the credit.

Role of the bank

The bank arranging the credit, other banks participating the financing arrangement and the borrower sign a credit agreement that the bank transfers to Finnish Export Credit Ltd (FEC) for financing. The bank arranging the credit is responsible for documentation and shall administrate the credit and Finnvera’s guarantee throughout the entire life of the credit.

FEC charges the borrower a case-specific margin above the base rate, a commitment fee and a handling fee for renewing the offer.

How to apply for FEC Financing

Application for export or ship financing must be filed before the fixed CIRR rate is locked. The exporter or the mandated financial institution for and on behalf of the exporter / the buyer can apply for FEC financing.

FEC financing can be applied through Finnvera's Online Service when applicant is a finnish exporter or a finnish parent company. Preliminary application is available at the Online Service, which can be utilised for transactions where limited information is currently available. FEC financing can also be applied for by a PDF application which is sent to applications.eca(at)

FEC has signed co-operation agreements with a number of financial institutions; see the list

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