Protecting yourself from the risks

Export trade involves credit risks arising from the buyer themself as well as from the buyer’s bank and country. The more customised and important the export trade transaction is, the higher the significance of risk mitigation.

Secure your export receivables

The confirmed documentary credit is the most risk-free payment method for export trade when it comes to receiving the payment. You will receive the transaction price covered by the documentary credit from your bank as soon as you fulfil the documentary credit terms and conditions. If you use a payment order or a collection item as the payment method, you will be vulnerable to the buyer’s actions and you will receive the money for the transaction only if the buyer is willing and able to pay and the political risks associated with the buyer’s country are not realised.

The higher the advance payments received from the buyer, the smaller the need for other protection measures. If the buyer requires a bank guarantee as security for advance payment, you can use Finnvera’s export guarantees as countersecurity for your bank, if necessary. 

With our export credit guarantee products, you can mitigate risks associated with the buyer and the buyer’s country. Contact us and your bank as early as possible!

The credit risk guarantee is intended for export transactions with long and short payment periods and it enables you to insure your receivables from a foreign buyer against credit losses. In addition, the credit risk guarantee can be used in covering risks related to the cancellation of the transaction prior to the delivery.

In addition to these export credit guarantees granted to the exporter, we offer many credit risk protection products aimed at providers of financing.

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