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Finnvera’s Annual General Meeting: Petri Ekman appointed to Chairman of Finnvera’s Board of Directors – New members to the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board

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Finnvera plc, Stock Exchange Release 12 March 2021

CORRECTION: Addition in the composition of the Supervisory Board 12 March 2021 at 16:05

On 12 March 2021, Finnvera's Annual General Meeting appointed Petri Ekman, M. Sc. (Eng.), to a new Chairman of Finnvera’s Board of Directors. Hannu Jaatinen, M. Sc. (Econ.), was appointed as a new member to the Board of Directors.

Antti Neimala, Director General, will continue as First Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Terhi Järvikare, Director General, as Second Vice Chairman. Ritva Laukkanen, MBA; Pirkko Rantanen-Kervinen, B.Sc (Econ.); and Antti Zitting, Enterprise Councellor, Chairman of the Board will continue as members of the Board of Directors.

Anni Marttinen, Economist in The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK; Martin Paasi, Chairman in The Finnish Business School Graduates and Arja Parkkinen, development manager in Finnvera, were appointed as new members to the Supervisory Board.

Sofia Vikman, Member of Parliament, continues as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Johannes Koskinen, Member of Parliament, as Vice Chairman. As members of the Supervisory Board will continue Members of Parliament Eeva-Johanna Eloranta, Mari Holopainen, Anne Kalmari, Juho Kautto, Juha Pylväs, Lulu Ranne, Wille Rydman and Joakim Strand as well as Leila Kurki, Senior Adviser (Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK); Kari Luoto, Managing Director (Finnish Grocery Trade Association); Veli-Matti Mattila, Director, Chief Economist (Finance Finland FFI); Anne Niemi, Vice President in The Federation of Finnish Entrepreneurs and Tommi Toivola, Director (Confederation of Finnish Industries).

The Annual General Meeting adopted the Consolidated Financial Statements and the Parent Company’s Financial Statements for the period 1 January–31 December 2020, discharged the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer from liability, and approved the proposal made by the Board of Directors for the use of the parent company’s result.

KPMG Oy Ab was appointed as the regular auditor with Marcus Tötterman, Authorised Public Accountant, as the principal auditor.

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Risto Huopaniemi, Senior Vice President, Administration, Legal Affairs and Administration tel. +358 29 460 2520


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