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Finnvera is updating its online services – Changes will be first visible in the online services of our corporate and private customers on Monday 5 June 2023

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Finnvera’s online services will be updated between 2023 and 2024, when services will be gradually transferred to the new service platform. In the first phase of the update, on Monday 5 June, the front page of the online service for corporate and private customers and some of the services intended for corporate and private customers will be updated.

The front page of the online service directs the user to the correct service. When you are applying for a guarantee or loan as a corporate or private customer, you can use our new and improved online service. In the updated service, you can monitor the status of the submitted application, submit additional appendices and approve the financing decision.

Applying for Finnvera’s Entrepreneur Loan will be transferred to the updated service on June 2023.

The financing partners’ online service will remain unchanged for the time being, and its update will be ready at the beginning of 2024.

Online services will be updated one service at a time and one section at a time in 2023–2024

During the transitional phase, both the old and the new online services will be in use. Companies’ previous applications and the related decisions and appendices can be found in that section of the online service where they were originally made. During the transitional phase, the online service’s front page directs the visitor to the correct service.

In 2023, submitting financial statements data, submitting a change application for financing granted and the Messages section will be transferred in the new online service. The online services for exporters will be updated at the turn of 2023 and 2024.

“The aim of the update is to improve the quality of services in terms of usability, accessibility and technical solutions. Our updated online service will take user needs into consideration even better than before, be easier to use and more accessible, work on mobile devices and, after the changes have been implemented, feature more extensive functions than before,” says Development Director (CDO) Minna Kaarto from Finnvera.

The aim is to update all online services by the end of 2024.

This is how the new online service for corporate and private customers look like

After the update, you will log in to the online service for corporate and private customers at the new address.

Logging in to the online services for providers of financing remains unchanged.

The front page of the online services for corporate and private customers guides visitors to the right section of the online service.


When you are logged in, the service will direct you to fill in an application based on the selected financing need.

With the update, applying for a guarantee or loan for corporations and private customers is even clearer than before.

Additionally, you can monitor the status of submitted applications, submit additional appendices to the application and approve the financing offer.

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