On this page you can find for example reports and assessments regarding Finnvera's operations.

Reports on Finnvera's operations

 The list below shows reports and assessments made by external organisations or Finnvera itself regarding Finnvera's operations. Some of the reports are in Finnish.

Finnish exporters lack the tools for financing small export transactions that foreign competitors have at their disposal. At present, Finnish export companies are clearly in a weaker position than their foreign competitors, as the supply of banks to finance small export transactions is insufficient. This can be seen in a study commissioned by Finnvera, which interviewed, among others, 15 domestic and international banks and 40 export companies. On the basis of the study, Finnvera will prepare for the direct small buyer credits in order to accelerate small export transactions.

  • The research report on the impact of Finnvera’s export financing sets forth to find answers to questions how does Finnvera generate impact, and on what what is Finnvera’s impact. The companies interviewed in the study were major clients of Finnvera (Andritz, Outotec, Valmet, Wärtsilä, Meyer Turku, and Nokia) and a group of SMEs. Most firms like to view Finnvera as an essential and strategic partner in their endeavor for international competitiveness and growth.
  • This study focuses on the impacts of the largest export guaranteed operations on employment and value added including effects through companies’ value chains. The results suggest that the activities of Meyer and Nokia related to export guarantees create value added accounting for 0.29% (Meyer) and 0.27% (Nokia) of the Finnish GDP. Corresponding employment effects are 0.32 % (Meyer) and 0.12 % (Nokia) of the Finnish total employment. The study is part of the Publications of the Government’s analysis and was published in Finnish, executive summary in English.
  • A report commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment on export financing and CIRR-system.
  • The assignment commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.The  overall  goal  of  the  assessment  is  to  look  at  selected  ways  to  improve  Finland’s  export financing system in order to increase impact and to manage related risks. The assesment was made by an independent international group of researchers with a strong experience on export financing.