Financing the export trade transactions of SMEs

Ensure that your offer is competitive but also be prepared for risks

In export trade, payment methods, risk mitigation and financing needs are an interlinked whole that you should discuss with your bank and Finnvera well before making your offer.

Export payment methods

Choosing a payment method is, first and foremost, part of risk management. With good advance planning, you can significantly improve your competitiveness in export trade and avoid credit losses.

Protecting yourself from the risks

Export trade involves credit risks arising from the buyer themself as well as from the buyer’s bank and country. The more customised and important the export trade transaction is, the higher the significance of risk mitigation.

Financing to cover the payment period

In business negotiations, the payment period offered can be the decisive factor that finally seals the deal. With the right financing solutions, this does not burden your company’s cash situation or balance sheet.

Country classification

We closely follow world events that may have an impact on your business and export risks. Check the guarantees offered for different countries on our map application.

Export trade financing workshop for SMEs’ key persons

Finnvera organise free export trade financing workshops for SMEs, in which key persons from SMEs will learn more about financing solutions used in export trade and means of protection from risks.