Financing for the buyer

Financing for your customer – your competitive edge

Success in competitive bidding is often the sum of many factors. When your customer also asks for financing, you can turn this into a competitive edge. We at Finnvera can share the risk by granting a Buyer Credit Guarantee or a Bill of Exchange Guarantee to your bank. This may prove to be the decisive factor.

Country classification

We closely follow world events that may have an impact on your business and export risks. Check the guarantees offered for different countries on our map application.


Finnvera's online service provides a secure and easy way for submitting financing applications.


Buyer Credit Guarantee

A Buyer Credit Guarantee is a security to the lender in case of a credit risk caused by a foreign buyer, the buyer's bank or country.

Bill of Exchange Guarantee

Bill of Exchange Guarantee secures the lender against credit risks arising when the lender purchases a bill of exchange from the exporter.