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Andritz Oy, Andritz AG, Siemens AG

Equipment and services for a pulp mill in Brazil

laitteita ja palveluja sellutehtaaseen brasiliaan

Exporters: Andritz Oy, Andritz AG, Siemens AG
Guarantee Holder: Nordea Bank Finland Plc
Lender: Finnish Export Credit Ltd
Arrangers: Nordea Bank Finland Plc, BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV, HSBC Bank, USA, N.A.
Buyer: Fibria-MS Celulose Sul Mato Grossense Ltda
Buyer's country: Brazil
Guarantor: Fibria Celulose S.A., Brazil
Export transaction/Goods: Equipment and services for a pulp mill
Credit amount: EUR 383,9 million or its equivalent in USD
Credit period: 8 years
Project classification: A
Source of environmental and social impact information (projects in category A):
Basic information as well as information on environmental and social impacts were published at least 30 days before the guarantee agreement was signed. Date of publication: March 16, 2016.
Rima parte 1.pdf
Rima parte 2.pdf
International standards applied in benchmarking: IFC Performance Standards and relevant EHS Guidelines
Contact point: environment (at)
Information published: 28 June 2016

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