Working capital for export products

Realisation of an export deal should not depend on working capital

Lack of working capital is often one of the main obstacles to an export deal. Especially in growth enterprises, the need for working capital increases for instance because capital is tied to production. We support your company’s export efforts by participating in the financing of working capital through loans and guarantees.

Country classification

We closely follow world events that may have an impact on your business and export risks. Check the guarantees offered for different countries on our map application.


Finnvera's online service provides a secure and easy way for submitting financing applications.


Finance Guarantee

A Finance Guarantee is a security for the credit institution granting an export credit to the exporter. It protects the bank from the risks relating to repayment of the credit. The guarantee helps exporters to arrange security for the financing needed for exports.

Export Guarantee

Export Guarantees – an instrument for covering domestic needs for collateral in exports.

Export Receivables Loan

The Export Receivables Loan is intended for refinancing the export receivables of Finnish enterprises engaged in the export of capital goods.