Valmet Technologies Oy

Finnvera guarantees Valmet's deliveries to Luxembourg

Finnvera guarantees Valmet Technologies's deliveries to Luxembourg.
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Signing date of the Finnvera Guarantee Agreement: August 31, 2022
Name of the Guarantee Holder: Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft
Name of the Exporter: Valmet Technologies Oy
Name of the Lender: Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft
Name of the Buyer and Borrower: Kronospan Energy S.A., Luxembourg
Name of the Guarantors: Kronospan AG, Liechtenstein and Kronospan Luxembourg S.A., Luxembourg
Country of Export transaction: Luxembourg
Industry sector: Wood-based panel manufacturing
Credit amount EUR: EUR 89.2 million
Credit period: 2 + 12 years
Percentage of cover: 95%
Date of publish: 24 April, 2023