SME Guarantee


SME Guarantee

Finnvera’s SME Guarantee makes it easier for growth seeking SMEs to get a bank loan for investment, working capital or product development needs.

The SME Guarantee is intended for enterprises that are oriented towards growth, meet the criteria of the SME definition applied by the EU and were registered in the Trade Register more than three years ago.

The applicant company must minimally have a Rating Alfa classification of A (Suomen Asiakastieto Rating Alfa classification). At least 50% of the company must be owned by private individuals. The guarantee requires that your enterprise and its responsible persons have a clean credit history.


Your bank files an application on your behalf. You or your company don’t need to be in direct contact with Finnvera.

Terms and conditions

Finnvera’s guarantee coverage is always 80%. The minimum amount for an SME Guarantee is EUR 10,000 and the total sum of SME Guarantees granted to one enterprise may not exceed EUR 120,000. Finnvera does not require self-financing from the applicant.

Loan to be guaranteed

Promissory note credits


SME Guarantee does not require collateral.


We provide financing for enterprises operating in almost every sector; only farming, forestry and the building developer’s business remain outside our range of financing. SME Guarantee cannot be used for financing company acquisitions, acquisitions of company's own shares or purchases of business premises or cars. Moreover, SME Guarantee cannot be used for export financing.


The guarantee commission is charged at a 3-month interval and it is 3% p.a. of the guarantee balance reported by the bank. The service fee is 1% of the guarantee amount.

Normally SME Guarantee includes de minimis aid. As a secondary option in cases where no state aid cumulation is possible, it is possible to price the guarantee so that it doesn’t include de minimis aid. In these situations the minimum guarantee commission is 3% p.a.

The SME Guarantee is based on Finnvera’s agreement with banks on loan guarantee arrangements. The agreement makes it possible for Finnvera to guarantee loan in cooperation with the banks. The agreement encompasses all branches of Aktia Bank plc, Danske Bank A/S, Finland Branch, Fennia Mutual Insurance Company, Nordea Bank Abp, Oma Savings Bank Plc, OP Financial Group (OP-Services Ltd), POP Pankkiliitto osk and Savings Banks’ Union Coop. If the bank used by your enterprise is not a member of the agreement related to the SME Guarantee, you can apply for financing directly in our online service for find an alternative financing solution.

This financing is made possible thanks to the Guarantee that has been provided by COSME and the European Fund for Strategic Investment (“EFSI”) set up under the Investment Plan for Europe. The purpose of EFSI is to help support financing and implementing productive investments in the European Union and to ensure increased access to financing.


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