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Bond financing

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Bond financing

Bond financing by Finnvera is well-suited for companies' general financing needs, such as investments, expansion and development of operations and the organisation of the financing structure. Because of their typical features and structure, bonds are best-suited for large financing needs.

A bond is a financing instrument in which a group of lenders or investors marks a bond issued by a company in need of a loan. The issuing of a bond is organised by banks or other parties, which charge the costs of the issuing arrangements from the issuing company.

Finnvera may mark bonds from the issue date. Finnvera may not purchase bonds on the secondary market or make investments in funds investing in bonds. Finnvera may not account for more than 50 per cent of the actual markings. No self-financing is required of the companies issuing bonds.

The markings of bonds are at market price. As part of the project assessment, Finnvera also conducts a normal enterprise analysis, which forms the basis for its participation in the project. If you want to know more about projects concerning bonds, contact the Growth and internationalisation team of Finnvera's SME Financing, or Finnvera's Export Financing department.

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