Venture Capital Investments

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Venture Capital Investments

In venture capital investments, Finnvera focuses on development of the existing portfolio companies, follow-on investments and exits. Initial investments in early-stage enterprises are no longer made.

In accordance with the policy decisions made by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, responsibility for the development of early-stage venture capital investments, which used to be vested in Finnvera, has been transferred to Business Finland Venture Capital Ltd. Finnvera’s Board of Directors has outlined that Finnvera gives up its venture capital investments gradually and in a controlled manner.


Jukka Suokas
Investment Director
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Back Office

Annika Ylätalo
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Investment Assistant
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Finnvera follows the Reporting Guidelines of the private equity business.

The status of portfolio companies is reported to the Board of Directors of the fund (EAKR Aloitusrahasto Oy) every six months on the basis of information provided by the companies and reported by the managers. In the shareholder agreement, the portfolio companies undertake to provide Finnvera with the necessary reporting information.

Valuation principles

When assessing the value of its portfolio companies, Finnvera follows the International Private Equity Guidelines on valuations of investments in accordance with prudence principles.