We want to do the right thing

The whistleblowing channel gives our clients, employees and other stakeholders a confidential way to report any suspicions of misconduct or policy violations for internal investigation within Finnvera.



What can be reported?

The suspected violations can be serious breaches of law or other serious violations of Finnvera’s ethical guidelines that may have an adverse effect on Finnvera or its clients and cooperation partners.

Examples include accepting a present/hospitality contrary to guidelines, misuse of insider information, disclosure of client data to outsiders without justified grounds, or disqualification in decision-making.

Confidential processing

The whistleblowing channel has been set up so that the whistleblower cannot be identified if he/she wants to give the feedback anonymously. All contacts are treated confidentially, and the privacy of both the whistleblower and the alleged wrongdoer are protected.

Personal data are handled in keeping with the obligations of the Personal Data Act (523/1999). All messages on the form are sent to Finnvera using a secure e-mail connection.

Would you like to report a case?

A case can be reported merely on suspicion without actual evidence, provided this is done in good faith. A report can be given easily and securely by following the instructions on the form.