Buyer Credit Guarantee

A Buyer Credit Guarantee is a security to the lender in case of a credit risk caused by a foreign buyer, the buyer's bank or country.

The exporter receives payment in cash for goods sold on credit, while the credit risks are transferred from the exporter to the lender and further to Finnvera.

The guarantee covers commercial risks and/or political/sovereign risks. The coverage will be decided on a transaction basis and can be up to 95 % for commercial risks and 100 % for political risks.

A Buyer Credit Guarantee can be used for various medium/long-term credit arrangements in connection with financing of the export of capital goods. Such arrangements include buyer credits for individual transactions, bank-related and project-related credit lines, ship financing, as well as forfaiting and leasing.

The guarantee can also be used for short-term exports if the buyer provides the exporter with a transferable credit instrument, e.a. bill of exchange or promissory note as payment.

The guarantee can be granted to domestic and foreign financial institutions.

As an official export credit agency Finnvera can’t grant guarantees with a risk period of less than 2 years (manufacturing period + repayment period) to the following markets:

  • EU countries except for Greece* (Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom)
  • Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, USA

*The EU Commission has granted a temporary exemption to provide short-term export credit guarantees for exports to Greece until 31 December 2019.

In the case of these so-called “marketable risk countries”, the EU rules on transactions with a risk period of under two years only apply to conventional credit insurance for covering buyer risks, not guarantees for bank risks. If the payment method is a letter of credit and the guarantee used is a Letter of Credit Guarantee or some other guarantee where the risk applies to a bank, Finnvera may, under the risk-sharing principle, consider granting a guarantee for said countries.


Finnvera's online service provides a secure and easy way for submitting financing applications. Log in to the service using a Katso ID.

You may also submit the application in paper form. Complete the financing application form below and send it to Finnvera via email using the address mentioned in the form.

Online Service

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Short term applications should be sent to luottovakuutus (at)

Long term applications should be sent to applications.eca (at)

LCF guarantee

Finnvera’s Guarantee Programme for Local Currency Financing (LCF) can be utilized when the financing of the export transaction takes place in the buyers country and is denominated in the local currency.

By launching its LCF Guarantee Programme, Finnvera enables buyers to reduce their exposure to foreign exchange fluctuations. The product is therefore well suited for sectors where revenues are denominated mainly in the local currency, ie. investments in infrastructure.

An LCF Guarantee is based on terms and conditions of the Buyer Credit Guarantee supplemented with additional conditions. In this context, local currencies denote currencies other than those of high-income OECD countries. The OECD Consensus also applies to the LCF Guarantee.

An LCF Guarantees can be considered on case by case basis to selected countries with sufficiently developed financial and foreign exchange markets. The currency of the target country must be convertible for current account transactions. The target country´s legislation must allow for the LCF procedure.


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