Receivables Purchase Guarantee

The guarantee protects the bank against credit risks when the bank purchases invoice receivables from the exporter in connection with foreign trade.

The exporter and the buyer agree on the terms of the export transaction by signing a written and legally binding  sales contract. Once the delivery defined in the contract is completed and the exporter thus has the right to payment, , the exporter can sell the corresponding invoice receivables  to the bank. The Receivables Purchase Guarantee enables the exporter to provide the foreign buyer with time for payment  while being able to convert the receivables to cash.

The guarantee provides the bank with a solid  security against risks associated with the buyer and the buyer’s country. The guarantee also secures the bank against a possible misconduct of the Exporter, e.g.  commercial disputes and documentation risks.  Accordingly, prior to issuing the guarantee, Finnvera investigates the preconditions for granting the guarantee based on the information provided by the exporter. The exporter and Finnvera also need to agree on common principles.

The guarantee is typically suited to continuous deliveries or a one-off transaction that has a short payment period. Owing to the EU rules, short-term (less than 2 years) guarantees are generally granted for export transactions  where the buyer is located outside the EU and other Western industrialised countries. The special permission mentioned below must be applied when Receivables Purchase Guarantees are granted for exports to the EU Member States and other Western industrialised countries.


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