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Bank Risk Guarantee

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Bank Risk Guarantee

Bank Risk Guarantee protects the bank of a Finnish export company against risks involved in bank guarantees given to the exporter to secure payment of the purchase price.

The bank guarantee needs to be counter-guaranteed by the Buyer’s bank.

Resembling a Letter of Credit Guarantee, the Bank Risk Guarantee is a streamlined product covering risks associated with a foreign bank.

The Bank Risk Guarantee covers commercial risks arising from the buyer’s bank and political risks arising from the country of the buyer’s bank.

Under the normal coverage scheme, the coverage for commercial and political risks can be 95%. The remaining 5 % is a bank’s self-risk portion.

Under the risk-sharing scheme, the maximum coverage for commercial and  political  risks is 50%. In this case, the bank must assume a percentage of the risk determined by Finnvera, which is at least 15%.

Applying for the Bank Risk Guarantee

The application should be sent to Finnvera via e-mail at eca(at)