Competitive bidding starts for a cooperative contract of the InnOta project


Senate Properties have issued a contract notice for an office building in the Otaniemi technology area of Espoo, Finland. New parts of the building will mainly be built of wood. Theoretical area for the new and renovated parts of the building is ca. 10,000 square metres.

The new office premises will be jointly used by Finnvera, Finpro, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes and the Geological Survey of Finland GTK. When completed, the building complex will diversely cater to the needs of its users as service organisations, enabling new, more customer-oriented ways of working.

The form of the contract complies to the spearhead cooperative project model of Senate Properties that combines the strengths of management, alliance and fixed-price contracting. The contractor selected will act as the main contractor of the project and manage the other contractors involved as subcontractors.

Applications for the bidding now issued shall be delivered to Senate Properties by August 23, 2013. Three contractors will be chosen to participate in the negotiated procedure. After negotiations they will receive the final contract tender by October 25, 2013.

A design competition organized as a public procurement procedure has started for the project. The competition will end in November 2013. The future contractor will be involved in the design competition so that their representative will participate in the evaluation of the design suggestions. Contractor's assignment will start in December 2013.

The competition and the contracting assignment will be carried out in Finnish, and all applications and materials will be submitted in Finnish. Designers outside Finland may partner with Finnish agencies to take part in the competition.

According to a preliminary schedule, the construction of the project will commence in the autumn of 2014, and completed premises will be handed over to the new occupants in October 2016.

Construction project in brief

  • Renovation and new building, theoretical area ca. 10,000 m2
  • Developer: Senate Properties
  • Developer's consulting engineer: A-Insinöörit Rakennuttaminen Oy
  • Main occupants: Finnpro, Finnvera, Tekes and GTK
  • Construction starts autumn 2014, hand-over autumn 2016
  • Working environment for ca. 600 employees
  • Innovation objectives include wood-construction expertise, working environments, green building, energy and eco efficiency, life-cycle efficiency, sustainability.

For further information, please contact:

Senate Properties, Jonni Laitto, Construction Manager
Tel. + 358 205 811 752,

A-Insinöörit Rakennuttaminen Oy, Harri Ilomäki, Consulting Engineer
Tel. +358 207 911 684,

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